Apps to grow the best summer garden

Apps to Grow the Best Summer Garden

If you have the touch of death when it comes to your plants and flowers, you may need some extra help. A little technology can turn your black thumb into a green thumb this summer.

With data and photos on over 1,000 plants and vegetables, the Gardening Toolkit app not only gives advice, but allows users to share their personal tips with other gardeners.

Grow Planner helps you grow your most lush garden yet. This app uses information from over 5,000 weather stations, giving the best gardening advice for your climate and terrain.

The MyGarden App is a part of the MyGarden social site where members can follow and message other gardeners, create a personal garden calendar, and search for gardening events in their area.

A big part of gardening is the amount of rain and sun that will fall on your precious plants. Track local hour by hour conditions with the Weather Channel app.

The Royal Horticulture Society's app, Grow Your Own, gives beginners tips on common problems with pictures to help in identifying those issues, and lets users share their gardens on Facebook.

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