America's favorite emojis are...

We Might Be Getting Bacon Emoji in 2016

Our neighbors up North love the pizza and poop emoji. Parisiennes are obsessed with hearts (it is the city of love after all). And Americans? A new study says the emoji the U.S. uses more than any other country is ... the eggplant (among others).


A report from SwiftKey, as software company that makes keyboards for smart phones, broke down emoji usage by country and language. They found that, in addition to each country having their own distinct go-to emoticon, across the board, more than 70 percent of global emoji usage is for happy faces, sad faces, and hearts.

Here's the breakdown by nation:

For France, about 55 percent of emojis are hearts and generally Europeans opt for them much more often than North Americans.

Russia leads the pack on romance icons, which includes lipstick and kissing couples.

The stereotypical American diet, images that resemble meat like burgers and drumsticks, are used at twice the rate when compared to any other nation. But while Americans may love their pizza, it looks like the Canadians like it that much more -- it's their top used emoji.

When it comes to furry friends, Arabic speakers tend to use camels more than any other speakers and Australians use the most amount of overall animal images.

And unfortunately, for everyone in the world, the least used category is reading materials, including books and newspapers.

The data comes from an analysis of everything from texts to tweets to Facebook statuses. The result: one billion pieces of data emojis. The sheer amount of records noted makes it one of the largest databases and studies of its kind.

What emoji do you use most often? Let us know in the comments below!

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