Aguadrone is the new waterproof drone that helps you fish

Aguadrone Is the New Water Proof Drone That Helps You Fish

The best parts of fly fishing and remote controlled aircraft have come together as one awesome kick starter. It's called the Aguadrone, a waterproof drone with interchangeable pods giving it some unique abilities.

A camera pod lets you grab aerial imagery of whatever you'd like. And if the standard camera pod is too boring for you, the Fish Scout Pod can help you find fish underwater, sending what it finds lurking under the surface to your handheld via wifi. But wait, there's more! Instead of casting a line yourself, there's even a pod that will do it for you and drop your bait remotely in the water.

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Aguadrone is the new waterproof drone that helps you fish
The waterproof Aguadrone combines the hobby realms of fly fishing and drone piloting
Este drone pescador lleva sonar y te lleva el cebo a donde quieras Otro uso para los drones
ソナー付きドローンで魚の居場所を探知できる「Aguadrone」がKickstarterに登場 - @drone_borg #dronenews #drones #drone
Breaking News: A drone made exclusively for fishermen. #aguadrone #drone #fishing

The kickstarter campaign is still in its infancy and there is some competition for water proof drones. The splash drone, available for pre-order, can land and float on water and carry along a camera, and in case it goes beyond your line of sight, there's an emergency flare to help you locate it. So what happens when you teach a man to fish ... with a drone?

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