13 of the weirdest interview questions you'll hear in Silicon Valley

4 Tricks for Answering Unexpected Interview Questions

Silicon Valley is no stranger to weird behavior.

So it comes as no surprise that the home of numerous tech giants would be privy to some of the strangest interview questions out there.

To find these odd queries, we sifted through hundreds of reviews on Glassdoor submitted by people who interviewed in Silicon Valley in the past year.

Below are some of the weirdest ones we found.

"Why is the earth round?"

Asked by Twitter for a software engineer position.

Source: Glassdoor

"You're wearing a nametag, tell me what you think about it."

Asked by Yahoo for a associate product manager position.

Source: Glassdoor

"Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there."

Asked by Google for a project manager position.

Source: Glassdoor

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