The right way to eat sushi on International Sushi Day

Sushi: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Where Afraid to Ask

Sushi is delicious, but eating it can be tricky.

Can you eat with your hands? Is it okay to bathe your sushi in soy sauce?

I Love Coffee posted a helpful infographic that will answer these and all your other sushi-related conundrums.

Turns out you can eat sushi with your hands, but if you choose to use chopsticks, you better be using them the right way. And keep in mind that soy sauce and wasabi are meant to enhance flavor, not smother it.

Take a look at the infographic below to avoid any cringeworthy mistakes and to make your next sushi experience more enjoyable.

How to Eat SushiPhoto Credit: I <3 Coffee via Business Insider

Now, test out out your new ~skills~. Here are the 21 best sushi restaurants in the country according to Thrillist:

Best Sushi Spots in America
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The right way to eat sushi on International Sushi Day
Arami -Chicago, IL
Q Sushi - Los Angeles, California
Arigato - Santa Barbara, CA
Hokusei - Portland, OR
ICHI Sushi + NI Bar - San Francisco, CA
Mirai Sushi - Chicago, IL 
MIYAKE - Portland, ME 
O Ya - Boston, MA
Q Sushi - Los Angeles, CA
Sushi Kimagure Ike - Los Angeles, CA
Shiro's Sushi Restaurant - Seattle, WA 
Sushi Gen - Los Angeles, CA
Sushi Miyagi - Houston, TX
Sushi Nakazawa - New York, NY
Sushi Ota - San Diego, CA
Sushi Ran - Sausalito, CA
Sushi Tora - Boulder, CO
Tokkuri-Tei - Honolulu, HI
Tomo - Atlanta, GA
Zuma - Miami, FL

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