Jimmy Kimmel playfully mocks Kim Kardashian by writing his own letter to future self

Kim Kardashian's Letter to Her Future Self

Dear 2025, we have so many questions for you!

It looks like Kim Kardashian has inspired Jimmy Kimmel to pen a letter to his future self -- just like she did for Glamour magazine, where she offered up advice and shared her goals and hopes for the next 10 years.

The reality star wanted selfies to still exist, to be the "queen of contouring" and a juice to keep her tan forever. She thought about the patience she'll need as her daughter North will be 12 and wanted her sister Khloe to "fall madly in love." She also raised important questions including, "are the terms 'bae' and 'on fleek' so 2015?" she asked. "If not, am I still on fleek?"

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On Wednesday, Kimmel playfully spoofed her goals and shared his own letter. "I hope you're still #blessed and Snapchat grateful," he began his letter. He hopes his Jimmy Kimmel Live! sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez is "still cute" and that his Aunt Chippy "isn't dead, but let's be honest, she probably is," he continued.

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The late-night talk show host then wondered if he'll still be hosting his show and had more questions for the future, "Am I finally gay? Did my Latisse treatments work? What's the new kale?"

And just like Kardashian, he wanted to know if selfies are a thing and wanted to be on "fleek."

"I hope and pray that your eyebrows are forever on fleek," he typed before inserting eggplant and poop emojis.

Kimmel isn't the only one who made us laugh with a future letter though. The Late Late Show's James Corden also read his own letter out loud during his program on Wednesday.

"I'm sure by now you've revealed to the world that you're Banksy," he read. "What a relief."

"Just got back from America. It's a nice place to visit, but I won't want to live there," he continued. "I'm also sure that O-Town is now the biggest band in the world, and you are its lead singer, or at the very least, you're the next Ricky Martin. Because you know what that means, tons of girls."

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Corden was also hopeful that he won't end up in a suit behind a desk, a true LOL moment as he sat behind a desk in a suit reading this, and said he "must be so skinny" by 2025.

Now that Kimmel and Corden have made you laugh, check out more on Kardashian's letter to herself.

Kim Kardashian's best selfies
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Jimmy Kimmel playfully mocks Kim Kardashian by writing his own letter to future self
I always loved taking pics at photo shoots. I remember this was at our Kardashian Tanning shoot in Malibu 2012 #SELFISH
When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL
I sooooo remember this day I was shooting my Carl's Jr campaign & of course had to capture the moment #SELFISH
I remember I just dyed my hair blonde and did a photo shoot with Nick Saglimbeni to remember this hair. It's one of my favorite shoots! came home and took some selfies #SELFISH
Don't think I didn't put lots of sexy pics in my new book #SELFISH
Do you guys remember this blue eyeshadow Emmy look from 2009? #SELFISH
Love being in NYC! Looking thru my new book Selfish and loving this pic of @kourtneykardash, Mason & I back in 2010 #SELFISH
This was def during my waves phase. Can't remember the year but thinking 2010 #SELFISH
Loved seeing you today @iamcattsadler and taking selfies! @ENews #SELFISH
Bff selfie @brittgastineau @carladibello in 2011 #SELFISH
Here's a really old selfie of @brittgastineau and I in 2009 #SELFISH
And this pic in 2010 I remember the outfit it was around my bday in NYC w @jonathancheban I can always see a pic & be reminded of exactly what I was doing #SELFISH
You too @jonathancheban! Remember this coral Herve dress for the Miami Dash opening in 2009 #SELFISH
Here's a bedtime selfie from my book Selfish. It must really be a show off my ring selfie bc I still have all of my make up on! #SELFISH
#TBT last night right before I fell asleep with all of my make up on grrrrrr
In honor of Earth Day here is my best plant selfie from my new book #Selfish coming out May 5th! #ivegotaselfieforeveryoccasion 🍃🌿
Happy Birthday to my big sister @kourtneykardash You were always there for me to copy everything you did when we were kids and now you are there to teach me everything as an adult! You are the best mom and I'm so happy our kids get to grow up together as if they are siblings! I learn so much from you everyday! I Love you and I'm so proud you are my sister! Don't know what I would do without you!
Turquoise vibes today #Armenia
Back to my roots
Being blonde is a full time job!
New Avi Alert #LipLinerOnFleek
It's hard out here for a platinum pimp! Thank you @FredericMennetrier for touching up my blonde!
UGH just got off a plane, so tired, have a shoot tonight, need a tan, not in the mood! 😝 👽
27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!! 😘
Can't wait to share this red lip tutorial I did with @patrickta on my app!
Craving Cheetos
Kissey face for @interviewmag #InterviewGang
I miss short hair
Lighting so good, had me like....📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷
Bored selfie on the boat because I can't jet pack or jet ski ✨
Trap Queens
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