Fishing lingo you need to know in honor of National Go Fishing Day

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It's National Go Fishing Day and if you've ever been fishing or know someone who does regularly, you know it take a whole lot of patience!

Both fishermen and those who do it purely for the sport understand that not only is it relaxing, but extremely rewarding as well. After all, there's nothing quite like getting that perfect catch after hours of patiently waiting. In order to celebrate this often forgotten sport on it's national holiday, we're decoding some of our favorite terms when it comes to fishing lingo 101! Check them out below.

1) Crickhopper
A brand of plastic lure resembling a grasshopper commonly used for trout and sometimes, for smallmouth bass.

2) Cosmic clock
The sun's seasonal effect on water and weather conditions relating to barometric pressure, wind, and cloud cover.

3) Crankbait
Any of a wide number of hard plastic or wooden lures that dive when retrieved (cranked with a reel) through the water. Crank or cranks are slang terms for these baits.

4) Culling
A method of removing and releasing lighter-weight fish from a livewell so the heaviest or tournament limit is retained.

5) Dapping
A method of fly-fishing in which the fly is allowed to skip or dance on the water while line and leader are held above the water from a high rod.

6) Die-off
Refers to having many fish die at the same time, quite often baitfish; also referred to as a fish kill.

7) Doughball
A ball of bait made from bread or specially prepared dough used for bait-fishing. Commonly used for carp.

8) ​Drop shot
A tackle rigging technique employing a hook tied to the line from four-inches to four-feet above the sinker.

9) Flutterbait
Any type of bait that is cast and then allowed to "flutter" down, resembles a dying bait fish. Typically used in bass fishing.

10) Pegging
Putting a toothpick in the hole of a bullet or egg sinker to prevent the sinker from sliding along the line.

See how the public chose to celebrate National Go Fishing Day this year:

National Go Fishing Day
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Fishing lingo you need to know in honor of National Go Fishing Day
I hear today's #GoFishingDay. Here’s a #TBT with some sauger. 4 pounders on the Cumberland River (World record is 6!)
You never know who may share your love of fishing. #GoFishingDay #H50 5.06
Rylan at 3yrs old.. Just Making Memories.. #ThrowbackThursday #GoFishingDay #takeakidfishing @Take_Me_Fishing
Best person to celebrate #GoFishingDay with? Tony Floor!
The #GoFishingDay Catch of the day goes to @TylerFalc but great work @ShammyNoSleeves / @PaigeOGrady / @ClementsHarry
Happy National Go Fishing Day :) #GoFishingDay
How about some queen snapper to celebrate #GoFishingDay? @captscottwalker @Intothebluetv
Happy #GoFishingDay! Shoutout to @NewsBeatSocial's favorite angler, Jeremy Wade of @RiverMonstersUK!
What I threw! Giant Smallmouth on #GOFISHINGDAY @13Fishing @JACKALL_Inc @QuantumTackle #Fishing #Review
Today is National #GoFishingDay. Which in my experience is a good boat ride spoiled. Can't catch a cold.
"@MJFOLEY2: RT Hey @Malonemjm It's National #GoFishingDay... send a picture of your biggest catch" How's this?
#gofishingday OOO that's a big one! with @HappiJar
It's #GoFishingDay!
Take off from work and go fishing, unless it's part of your job, then you should go to work. #GoFishingDay #Hawaii

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