Doc Rivers says Donald Sterling vetoed multiple blockbuster trades before selling the team

V. Stiviano Ordered to Return $2.6 Mil in Gifts to Donald Sterling's Wife
V. Stiviano Ordered to Return $2.6 Mil in Gifts to Donald Sterling's Wife


For good reason, Donald Sterling is one of the most hated men in sports. But Los Angeles Clippers fans had a little more fuel poured onto the fire Wednesday.

In a radio interview with Beast 980's Fred Roggin, head coach and team president Doc Rivers dished more dirt on the former owner, implicating him of vetoing a multiple trades that supposedly would've helped the Clippers. Courtesy of Eye on Basketball, Rivers said:

This is really only my third year but you can make a case this is our second year if you know what I'm saying. If I someday wrote a book and told you a couple of the trades we had in the first year that we didn't do because of other reasons, you would fall off your chair.

This isn't the first we've heard of Sterling meddling in Rivers' basketball operations. In May of 2014, starting guard J.J. Redick admitted that Sterling tried hard to veto the sign-and-trade deal that brought Redick to Los Angeles.

The reasoning? Because he was sure that a white player couldn't be worth a $27 million contract.

The deal ultimately did come to fruition, mostly because it was Rivers' first major transaction as an executive, and he threatened to quit on the spot if Sterling caused him the embarrassment. The trade ultimately has worked out for the Clips, with Redick evolving into one of the more steady shooting guards in the NBA.

Unfortunately, we may never find out which other trades Rivers agreed to, only to get shot down by Sterling. Let's hope that tell-all book comes out, like, yesterday.

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