Decoded: #Flawless

Todrick Hall Flawlessly Sings All 5 Beyoncé Albums in 4 Minutes

Flawless may seem similar to its dictionary definition, but when its paired with a simple hashtag, it takes on a new pop culture meaning.

Entering mainstream popularity after Beyonce's hit song of the same name, #flawless is a hashtag that embodies being perfect 24/7. Once you "wake up flawless," it stays with you forever. The trending hashtag has now become a social media symbol of self-acceptance.

The use of the word is relatively straight forward and can be used in place of any adjective trying to describe the superiority of one's looks, attitudes, or actions.

"Bey looked #flawless on the red carpet."
"I always start my morning taking selfies in bed because I wake up #flawless"
"#Flawless is the only way to describe my bae."

See how Twitter users are showing off their own #flawless moments:

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