Decoded: Finsta

Many teens would argue that Instagram is more important than Facebook. It is not uncommon to have over a thousand followers. Any picture with under 100 likes in unacceptable and warrants deleting.

There is a lot of pressure to publish high quality photos. Surely a picture of your face slicked with pizza grease and powered parmesan doesn't belong in the same feed as couple's yoga, latte art and cats with serious facial hair.

Some have started resorting to making a second Instagram account. This fake Instagram, or finsta, allows you to post gross pictures, complain or really do anything that you felt inhibited to do in front of 1,000 acquaintances.

Two rules govern the finsta. It must be private and you only accept friend requests from your friend's finsta usernames. Real Instagram is now your 'rinsta.'

Then post all of the Photoshopped pictures of you riding a horse alongside Putin and stop denying your true social media self.

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