Fashion forward: How the Chicago Bulls are scoring off the court

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We all know that Athleisure has been trending for quite some time now and whether you like it or not, it looks like it's here to stay (at least for now). However, there's been a specific trend — a sub-trend if you will — within this category, that I'm actually quite proud of (regardless of the fact that I have zero interest in sports). Are fashion folks now Bulls fans or are they just making a statement? Let's find out.

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I've seen celebrities like Miley Cyrus wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey and I've seen Bulls references in a couple of street style photos, but that was the extent of it (besides the decked out looks we see on game day in Chicago...but that's more Bears than Bulls). Vogue brought it to my attention that it's more than just a few references — it's actually become a thing. Although I wouldn't necessarily call a jersey a fashion-forward look, I'm not hating what I'm seeing here.

Let's Go Bulls?
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Fashion forward: How the Chicago Bulls are scoring off the court
Photo Credit: Chi City Fashion

Miley, I could do without. BUT even the little ones are getting into it. Kids these days...

Photo Credit: Chi City Fashion

Photo Credit: Chi City Fashion

Now of course you can go the typical route with a jersey, but I just don’t find that relatable to most women. Jourdan Dunn looks amazing here with those Chanel sneakers but she’s a model and let’s be honest…we’re not. Would you wear a jersey as a dress? And not to a sporting event?

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Forever21 actually came out with a pretty great collection of stylish Chicago Bulls gear, and I’ve been living in the sweatpants. It’s quite ironic as my boyfriend has had a pair of Bulls sweatpants since we started dating (so seven years ago) and they’re my least favorite piece of clothing he owns. Yet I adore my Bulls sweatpants. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

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But I think the ultimate way to go about this is to take note from the child / Rita Ora, and find a sick bomber or varsity jacket. I hate to go all social media on you but…hashtag goals. Am I right?

Photo Credit: Chi City Fashion

Photo Credit: Chi City Fashion

If THAT doesn't make you want an entire Bulls wardrobe (or at least that badass jacket) regardless of where you're from, then I don't know what you want from me anymore.

Although the last thing I ever want to do is watch sports, I'm into this. Not just because I love the idea of Athleisure (and I'm not sorry) but it's cool to see Chicago represented in such a way. Of course, none of this would be made possible without Michael Jordan (he's probably one of five professional athletes I can name off the top of my head...and I can't be the only one) or those six NBA championships (the 90s were good to us), but I'm totally on board with seeing some more Chicago street cred in fashion. Now what do you think of this Chicago Bulls trend? Is it just a coincidence or do you think there's really a movement here?

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