Cat yoga is a thing now

Yoga For Cats Is Healthy And Adorable

We've seen cat cafes and cat libraries that advocate the therapeutic benefits of feline companionship -- but one pet shelter in Illinois is taking the concept one step further with cat yoga.

Homeward Bound Pet Shelter volunteer Jeanette Skaluba wanted to put together an event to promote Adopt-A-Cat Month, and after spending some time at the shelter one day, visiting a cat named Oreo, she had an idea.

"Oreo was all over me... I thought, THIS is a yoga cat. He sure has a lot of energy - I can't believe he's about 12 years old," Skaluba said. "He needs a promotional video! [...] Then it hit me - Yoga for Cats!"

So the Homeward Bound Pet Shelter and local yoga studio Yoga At Connie's teamed up to have six shelter cats take part in a yoga class -- and the results were adorable.

Since the video was posted on YouTube June 10th, it's gone viral. The "Yoga For Cats" video has gained nearly 100,000 views and has grabbed headlines across the world. However, the event only led to one cat being adopted.Homeward Bound Pet Shelter hopes they can use the attention to spread the word about adopting shelter cats.

According to the ASPCA, only 37% of cats that arrive at shelters are adopted. The no-kill shelter hopes "Yoga For Cats" will help get that number to 100%.

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Cat yoga is a thing now
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