Why you should shop at Whole Foods on Wednesdays

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Whole Foods is notorious for its high prices, but there are some tricks you can use to save money.

In fact, shopping on Wednesday could save you a lot.

"Mark your calendar for Wednesdays as that's the day our sales for the previous week and the coming week overlap so there are tons of discounts store wide," Molly Siegler, culinary content coordinator at Whole Foods, told Business Insider.

She said: "New weekly sales start on Wednesday and run through the following Wednesday, so there are actually double sales every Wednesday!"

whole foods sales
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Of course, there are other days when you can count on deals at Whole Foods. Siegler also mentioned that "stores regularly have one-day or weekend sales on specific items— from packaged goods to fresh produce to wine and beer."

You can alert yourself to these deals, Siegler said,

"We recommend shoppers subscribe to our email newsletters to receive the latest specials and coupons, plus loads of tested recipes that can help you cook at home on a budget," she said.

"Remember to pick up a copy of The Whole Deal coupon booklet at your local store or find those coupons online" as "each issue includes about $45 in coupon savings as well as everyday value 'sure deals' and budget- friendly recipe ideas for the family," she said.

If you know how to find the deals, Whole Foods doesn't have to obliterate your "whole paycheck."

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