Taxi catches fire on Madison Avenue in NYC

Taxi Catches Fire on Madison Avenue

A New York City commute turned terrifying when a taxi burst into flames on Madison Avenue during rush hour Tuesday.

Fox News reports the driver heard the sound of sparks and was able to warn his passenger to get out. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The driver told the New York Post he lost his wallet and driver's license in the fire, and when his passenger tried to pay him, he wouldn't take any money.

No source has confirmed how the fire started, but taxi fires might be a growing problem in New York City.

WCBS reported a May cab fire in Queens that also posed a danger to subway riders. The tracks of four subway lines were located directly above the scene of the fire and were forced to close for about a half hour.

And last August, another taxi caught fire on the upper level of the Queensboro Bridge.

Neither of those two previous cases had known causes, just like the recent Madison Avenue cab fire, but no injuries were reported either.

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