Decoded: Googleheimer's

Search engines have made everyone purveyors of random facts.

"How many people live in Montreal?" 1.6 million.

"Why do birds slam into my window?" They are being territorial and fighting whom they assume is a competitor.

"Is it legal to own a skunk as a pet in Forth Worth?" I am sorry, but the answer is no.

Sometimes you store away questions that popped into your head to check later... that is until you completely forget them the second you open the Internet browser.

This common condition is called Googleheimer's.

It is the nagging feeling when you know you wanted to Google something from earlier, but forgot it as soon as you had the chance. For some of us it can take merely a moment for the query to disappear from our heads, leaving us staring blankly at a phone wondering "Wait, what was I going to look up?"

Has there ever been question you needed answered, but Googleheimer's kept getting in the way? Tell us about it, and we may just include your tweet.

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