Brandon McCarthy knows how to punish the St. Louis Cardinals

FBI Reportedly Investigating St. Louis Cardinals for Hacking

The St. Louis Cardinals are under investigation by the FBI for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros database to gather multiple forms of information regarding scouting, statistics, and so on. While the investigation is ongoing, this could lead to dire consequences for the Cardinals if they are indicted and found guilty.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy, consistently one of the most satirical and entertaining athletes on Twitter, weighed in on the Cardinals scandal. The outspoken pitcher offered the an idea for how the Cardinals should be punished for their actions:

Ah, the unwritten rules of baseball in all their glory.

McCarthy's take is certainly part of his stance against finding better head protection for players. McCarthy has been searching for a suitable solution to protecting pitchers' heads after he was hit by a line drive and needed emergency brain surgery after suffering a fractured skull. His cause extends to every player, obviously.

We'll have to wait for the findings of the FBI's investigation of the Cardinals, but if they are found guilty and a front office member is walking around with a shiner, we'll know that McCarthy's mocking idea was taken too seriously.

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