Before and after selfies are all about the Instagram filter, not about the fitness

For those of us who work out like crazy in a given amount of time and barely see any results, those before and after fitness selfies posted all over social media, advertisements, and magazines make us feel pretty discouraged. What are they doing that we're not? Where are our six-packs??

Rest assured, personal trainer and fitness blogger Sophie Kay says those before and after pics might not be so legitimate. It turns out we can all show off amazing results in our before and after Instagram only 3 minutes!

Kay used herself as the guinea pig to show us how it's done. First, she took a picture of herself standing in front of the mirror in tight nude underwear. Note: wearing extra tight underwear is the best way to achieve the "muffin top" look we all hate. Kay's body looks perfectly healthy and attractive in the first photo. However, her body looks drastically more in shape in the photo next to it. The second photo was only taken 3 minutes after the first.

Apparently, all she had to do was dim the overhead light, throw on some flattering underwear, let her hair down, raise her shoulders for better posture, rest her hand on her hip so her arms looked more toned, and flex. Voila! She looked stronger and about 15 pounds lighter instantly.

We all make fun of those movie makeovers in which the nerdy character takes her hair down and changes her clothes and suddenly she's the hottest girl in school. However, it seems that such a simple fix really can do the trick...just make sure to use a good Instagram filter.

We may now conclude that those before and after Instagram pictures don't really provide the "fitspiration" and eventual frustration we thought they did. The people in those pictures probably have as many weekly diet cheat days as we do and take just as many walking (or sitting) breaks during their morning jogs. They fake it rather than make it.

Kourtney Kardashian nailed Kay's Instagram pose in this fitness selfie. Watch this video and decide for yourself if she was faking it or making it:

Kourtney Kardashian Slims Down in Gym Selfie

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