Study reveals how much time you're wasting at work

Study Reveals How Much Time You're Wasting at Work

According to a new study conducted by Oxford University, the average person wastes five days worth of time each year chatting with co-workers/ That's not all we're wasting time on, either.

The average person:
  • Wastes five days worth of time each year chatting with co-workers.
  • Spends four days a year making cups of tea and coffee
  • Four days checking personal emails
  • Three days shopping online, making personal phone calls, checking social media, running errands, and smoking.

People between 25 and 34 years old waste the most time at work compared to all the other age groups.​

The study also looked at what people's biggest pet peeves are at their jobs. The results were:
  • 33 percent said commuting to work.
  • 30 percent said it was doing things that aren't part of their job and fixing technology that isn't working properly.
  • 25 percent it's all the meetings they have to have.
  • 27 percent said they hate working overtime.

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