Sofia Vergara: 'It's okay when I have a couple of pounds on'

Sofia Vergara Talks Health and Fitness

Most people are in awe of Sofia Vergara's incredible body -- but she explains it's all about luck!

The Colombian beauty, who has frequently spoken out about her distaste for exercise, recently opened up to AOL about being "very lucky" with her body.

"I have to say I shouldn't complain of course. Like every woman I wish I was like this and that, but I have been able to get away without really getting crazy with diet and exercise in my whole life," she said in an exclusive interview.

Vergara admitted she works out just "to get it out of the way." And while she said exercising isn't a social event for her, she has been spending time in the gym with her fiancé, Joe Manganiello, whose hot bod will be front and center in "Magic Mike XXL."

"I've been training sometimes now with Joe, my fiancé, because he knows a lot about that," she dished. "I mean, we don't do it that much, but we've been doing it with the same trainer at the same time, and it's been great."

Unlike many who attempt fad diets and intensive workout routines, the "Modern Family" star's secret is simple: moderation and a great outlook.

"I enjoy my sweets, I enjoy a glass of wine, and I work out now because I know i have to," she said. "It's ok when I have a couple of pounds on because i still look voluptuous so you know I've been very lucky."

Vergara confessed she has a problem controlling herself around sweets -- but found sanctuary with Skinny Cow products.

"It makes me happy, I love having them after dinner, after lunch or when I'm bored on the set ... If you want to be really good, but you need to eat something, you can have just one -- or two or three, like me."

After enjoying their indulgences since 2005, the actress has partnered with the brand to encourage women to empower each other by sharing their life tips using the hashtag #SkinnyCowSecret.

Check out the full interview in the video above.

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