Miley Cyrus spreads pride and acceptance throughout the Insta-verse

Miley Cyrus Launches Transgender Instagram Campaign
Miley Cyrus Launches Transgender Instagram Campaign

Miley Cyrus has been known to bring guests who represent causes for which she advocates to glamorous televised events. Last year, she brought Jesse, a homeless young man, to the MTV Vide Music Awards in an effort to raise awareness for homeless youth. Tonight, she plans to bring Tyler, a "queer, biracial, agender person," to the Inspiration Gala in New York hosted by amFAR.

Cyrus posted a picture to Instagram today introducing Tyler. Her caption reads:

"Meet Tyler (@tywrent), a 24 year old living in New York City, and my date for @amfar tonight!!! Tyler is a queer, biracial, agender person, whose pronouns are they/them/theirs. Tyler shares about their identity, experiences and hopes saying: 'My whole life, I was led to believe that there were only two genders. I thought I had to shrink myself to fit into a box that was never going to contain me. It took years for me to find words for my gender identity, and to feel comfortable expressing myself as I am.'"

Cyrus is being honored at the amFAR Gala tonight for her contributions to the fight against AIDS. We have no doubt that she will introduce her date and perhaps even have Tyler speak if Cyrus is called up to the stage. We look forward to the enlightening event.

Cyrus has recently been utilizing her Instagram account to advocate for transgender and gender expansive people like Tyler. In the caption for one of her Instagram pictures in the series, she wrote:

"I'm launching #InstaPride today, in partnership with @Instagram, to share stories of transgender and gender expansive people from around the country. Over the next 2 weeks, you'll meet them and the people in their lives who support them, as we highlight their stories of resilience."

She posts pictures of these individuals alongside very personal quotes about their previous discomfort in their own bodies and the relief they feel now to accept and embrace their identities. The quotation by Leo, a transgender male, reads:

"This last year as I've been transitioning, there've been a lot of moments when I truly felt free to be myself: the moment I woke up from top surgery, the day the bandages came off, my first shot of testosterone. Sometimes, I'll be out in public with my family or just hanging around with friends, and I remember that I'm no longer having to hide anything about who I am. I'm not afraid to move anymore and I know who I am. Everything about me right now is exactly as it should be."

The Instagram pictures are part of Happy Hippie Foundation's mission to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other groups of people subjected to vulnerability. Each of Cyrus' Instagram pictures in the series contains the hashtag #InstaPride. She's spreading pride and acceptance throughout the Insta-verse.

Click through this slideshow to see all of Cyrus' Instagram pictures for #InstaPride:

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