Is an easier SAT really a better one?

Is an Easier SAT Really a Better One?

A college admissions test that has been the bane of many for decades will become a little easier.

Actually, the SAT is now going to be "easier than ever," all the headlines say.

One of the changes will pertain to scoring. The maximum you can receive on the test will be 1,600 -- which is what it used to be before being raised from 1,600 to 2,400 in 2005.

There will also be fewer answer choices, more time, no penalty for guessing and easier vocabulary words.

Is easier better, though? An opinion writer for The Washington Post wrote a fierce "no."

"These tweaks are a shame inasmuch as educators lose measures that provided critical information. ... If a person can't write a series of sentences to express a cogent thought, does that person really qualify for a college education?"

Although a writer for Time praised the changes.

"It seems the College Board is on track to deliver a fair test that will respond thoughtfully to past criticism and self-reflection."

According to the College Board, students can start taking the new test in March 2016. It explains the changes are based off research pointing to the skills that are "most critical for college readiness and success." As the College Board puts it, "The assessment will require students to have a stronger command of fewer topics."

Check out U.S. News' top 10 high schools in the country:

Top 10 best High Schools
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Is an easier SAT really a better one?

10. Gilbert Classical Academy High School
      GIlbert, Arizona

(Photo via Google Maps)

9. Lamar Academy
    McAllen, Texas

(Photo via Google Maps)

8. University High School
    Tolleson, Arizona

(Photo via Google Maps)

7. Academic Magnet High School
    North Charleston, South Carolina

(Photo via Google Maps)

6. Carnegie Vanguard High School
    Houston, Texas

(Photo via Google Maps)

5. School of Science and Engineering Magnet
    Dallas, TX

(Photo via Google Maps)

4. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

(Photo via Google Maps)

3. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
    Alexandria, Virginia

(Photo via Google Maps)

2. BASIS Scottsdale
    Scottsdale, Arizona

(Photo via Google Maps)

1. School for the Talented and Gifted
    Dallas, Texas

(Photo via Google Maps)


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