How you know you have a 'girl crush'

Thanks to Little Big Town's hit "Girl Crush," women are embracing the term for those women we Facebook stalk, defend against trash-talkers endlessly, and badly want to impress despite being romantically interested in men.

We're not physically attracted to our girl crushes, although we might deem them physically attractive. We're jealous of them and we admire them simultaneously. We want to be them, but we also want to be their best friend.

Girl crushes generally fall under two categories: 1) celebrities and 2) "acquaintances" with whom we've made contact in the past but mostly just admire from afar - often our friend's older sister or a woman at school or in the office who seems cool. Or, In actress-turned-author Jenny Mollen's case, our husband's ex-girlfriend:

Most women don't develop girl crushes on their close friends because this would ruin the unattainability factor. We don't have a crush on the actual women, we have crushes on our unrealistic ideas of them that we've conjured through social media or just plain media.

You know you have a girl crush on an acquaintance when you stalk her on Facebook more than you stalk yourself on Facebook (we all do it so just own it), you find out she's going to be at tonight's party so you decide to wear your hair down because you've been told you look prettier with your hair down, and you find yourself attempting to dress like her to give off the same vibe she does, whatever vibe that may be.

You know you have a girl crush on a celebrity when you love all of her songs or movies (even when you secretly know they're not that great), your eyes perk up a bit when you see her picture or name in the tabloids, you obsess over her insane bikini body even though there are probably other celebs out there in better shape, and you find yourself attempting to dress like her to give off the same vibe she does, whatever vibe that may be.

Anna Kendrick reveals her celebrity girl crush in this video:

Anna Kendrick Has A Girl Crush On Blake Lively

Social media fiends are taking to Twitter to share their girl crushes with the cyber-verse.

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