Decoded: What is divinity fudge?

How to Make Raw Chocolate Fudge
How to Make Raw Chocolate Fudge

You guys -- it's National Fudge Day and we are seriously jumping with joy!

If you have quite the sweet tooth like we do then you know that fudge of any kind is absolutely EVERYTHING. In honor of what we consider to be one of the greatest sweet treat holiday's of the year, we're decoding a type of fudge that may be considered a little out of the ordinary, but one that you've probably tried at one time or another!

Behold, divinity fudge! Typically known as "divinity," this fudge is unlike your average. This is because it's a fluffy white or artificially tinted fudge. Whereas traditional fudge is made from your usual baking ingredients (sugar, butter, milk and cream) -- divinity is created out of sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, and artificial flavoring.

Although it may sound strange, and some say unhealthy due to the artificial tinting -- many would argue you can't actually tell the difference between divinity and regular fudge. The most noticeable difference would have to be it's white coloring, but we have to say -- it still looks pretty darn good.

Let's take a look at some delicious divinity and drool! Happy National Fudge Day!

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