You can't change the bad boy, so give the good guy a fair shot

Are Bad Boys Ever Secretly Good Guys?
Are Bad Boys Ever Secretly Good Guys?

We're all attracted to the bad boys. Despite our awareness of their less than respectful antics, we're biologically programmed to be into partners who excite us and get our blood pumping.

Liking the bad boy isn't your fault. However, trying to change the bad boy is an entirely different story.

We all know that adorable, fun-loving, compassionate girl who's hung up on the jerk who never texts her back. We ask ourselves why she puts herself in that situation, but in reality we all know the answer: she genuinely believes that he will change for her.

The problem with bad boys is that they aren't entirely bad. This would make life far too simple and uncomplicated. Instead, these guys might come from loving families, be extremely smart, and even have true romantic feelings for the girl in question.

The grey parts of their personalities intrigue us and make us believe that, under the proper guidance and motivation, these guys can commit.

When a girl believes that she sees goodness in a guy who thrills her and makes her feel excitingly rebellious, she'll do just about anything to hold on to him in an effort to surface that glimmer of goodness more permanently.

She doesn't mind that he treats her poorly during the process, because what matters is the end goal. Eventually, he will fall in love with her and completely reverse is fears of commitment and compassion. She will become the muse who inspires his goodness.

The good guys just aren't as exciting. We complain when the bad boy doesn't text us back, but we get annoyed when the good guy texts us every hour in the most predictable fashion. We know we're better off with the good guys, but the bad boys are just so tempting!

Here's what people attracted to bad boys need to do: Give the good guy a fair shot. Don't write him off as boring just yet. Keep him around for an extra couple of weeks, keep an open mind, and the lovable good guy just might surprise you.

A bad boy surprises you by hooking up with someone else in front of you at the bar. A good guy surprises you with nice gestures based on all the little things you tell him and don't expect him to remember. The bad boy plans to meet you at the club after a few drinks with the guys. The good guy plans a fun day of exploring the city and hitting up all of your favorite restaurants and landmarks.

While the good guy might seem boring at first. You'll likely come to appreciate his loyalty and trustworthiness. You also won't mind his independence and drive. In fact, these traits that once made you roll your eyes just might attract you in a way the bad boy never could.

The good guy doesn't necessarily need you, but he wants you around and knows how to show it. Good guys make life easier and less stressful. We all deserve someone to alleviate the stress, and we certainly don't have time for someone who adds to it. Give the good guy a chance and see just how much better your life becomes.

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