Smash Mouth singer loses temper at crowd over loaves of bread

Smash Mouth Singer Loses Temper At Crowd Over Loaves Of Bread

Remember Smash Mouth? These guys had a moment back in the late nineties with hits like 'All Star,' 'Walkin' On the Sun' and 'Why Can't We Be Friends.'
Well we figured out the answer to that last one. We can't be friends because the lead singer of Smash Mouth is a d***.

This weekend Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell threw an epic temper tantrum on stage at Taste of Fort Collins in Colorado. It's a delightful event full of happy things like food, wine, music and even loaves of free bread.

Rowdy revelers were tossing that bread around for - who the hell knows what reason - and ended up throwing it on stage.

Maybe Harwell is gluten free, maybe he's on the Atkins diet because: He. Hates. Bread.

The rocker went full on Christian Bale and unleashed a tirade of obscenities and threats on the crowd.

Here are the highlights from a video shot by a reporter at the Coloradoan:

"You throw one more piece of s*** on this f****** stage, I'm gonna come find your a**, and I'm gonna beat your a**. Wherever the f*** you are out there, okay?"

"You bring your a** on stage, whoever is throwing s*** at me. I will tell you right now, I will beat the f*** out of you."

Thankfully the drummer kept the beat going so the untrained ear might have mistaken it for bad slam poetry.

But, it didn't end with the verbal diarrhea, according to Vulture, Harwell even ran off stage and tried to get into the crowd but was restrained by security.

I dare say this tantrum might be the best thing since sliced bread.
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