Elderly woman on scooter was escorted home by trooper

Elderly Woman on Scooter Escorted Home by Trooper
Elderly Woman on Scooter Escorted Home by Trooper

What some thought was an incredibly slow police chase was actually an escort back home. Trooper Dave Hintz said out of his 24 years with the Washington State Patrol, this was a first.

"There's no license plate. She's in a little ... cart," Hintz said before getting out of his car.

"Well I've been getting a bunch of calls on you. Everybody's worried about you because you've been on and off the road," Hintz said to the elderly woman.

The elderly woman went out for coffee that afternoon and was just trying to make her way back home, but she got lost along the way.

"This was a highway. I mean, there are speed limits," said a KXLY anchor.

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"And there's not much of a shoulder there, either," another anchor replied.

By the time Hintz stopped her, she was about 4 miles from her house and heading the wrong direction.

He followed her all the way back home at 3 1/2 mph. It took them about 70 minutes to get there.

KOMO posted the video to its Facebook page, and there were countless comments commending the officer.

The woman is in her 80s. Hintz said he was just treating her the way he hopes someone would treat his mother.