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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Nene Leaks on How to "Throw Shade"

Throwing shade is no longer an activity exclusive to palm trees and parasols. Instead, shade these days actually brings on the burns. Millennials "throw shade" by publicly disrespecting or insulting an acquaintance. "Being rude" is a term of the past. Troublemakers today are throwing shade left and right.

People throw shade through a plethora of methods. Some stick with the classic eye roll, while others get more aggressive with harsh snaps. Think of Regina George's "stop trying to make fetch happen" in the ever-popular "Mean Girls." That girl knew how to throw shade.

Here are some examples of how kids these days utilize the term.

"Did you see her throw shade at professor Davis after the exam? That girl has guts!"
"Wow she just threw shade at me like no other with that sarcastic response."
"She just knocked his ego down a peg...SHADE!"
"Taylor Swift totally threw shade at Katy Perry in the 'Bad Blood' video."

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