Can you solve this puzzle? It stumps many adults, but 6-year-olds find it easy

This Puzzle Is Stumping Adults, but Kids Can Solve It

KCPQ -- This puzzle is part of an entrance exam for a Chinese primary school. The test is taken by 6-year-old students who don't seem to have too much trouble solving it, according to Centauro.

Can you solve the puzzle?

The question is: What is the number of the parking spot covered by the car?

Students have just 20 seconds to solve it.

The video below reveals the answer, but we'll help you out: You have to flip the photo upside down! No worries if you didn't get it -- it probably didn't occur to you to flip your computer. Apparently the younger you are, the quicker you solve it, because kids are used to seeing things from many angles.

Did you solve it? Did it occur to you to look at it from another way? Share your thoughts in the comments (and don't feel too bad ... we didn't figure it out, either).

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