Bear gets stuck in Colorado man's car and destroys it

Bear Gets Stuck in Car and Destroys It
Bear Gets Stuck in Car and Destroys It

"I looked out the window, and my wife's car was rocking, and the horn was beeping, and the lights were flashing on and off," Dave Masters told KMGH.

But Masters soon realized a person wasn't vandalizing his wife's car. It was a little more grizzly than that.

"It was a bear weighing more than 200 pounds," the KMGH reporter said.

"And it just looked like it walked up, opened the door, got in and couldn't get back out," Masters said.

Masters called the police, who pulled up beside the car and — very bravely, we might add — opened the door and let the bear out.

"They said they'd rather be doing that than fighting criminals down in the city," Masters said.

And apparently Masters is somewhat of a bear whisperer because he's had another close encounter.

"We forgot to bring the bird feeders in, and they were up on the deck, and he tore the hummingbird feeder off," Masters said.

Masters told KMGH they were thinking of getting a new car anyway. So ... that's looking on the bright side of things?

Although Masters probably didn't bat an eye at the bear. The people of Evergreen, Colorado, must be used to them, given how many businesses there use the word "bear" in their names.

There's Bear Creek Canyon, Bears Inn, Little Bear Saloon — along with a whole slew of other bear-named businesses.

Let's just say, it seems they can "bear"ly get enough of them. You were waiting for the bear pun, weren't you?