5 easy DIY Father's Day gifts that you can actually make with the kids

by Lisa Lozano

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and if you don't already have a gift planned, we have five amazing options you can make quickly and easily with kids!

DIY Playing Cards Platter

If dad is a poker player or loves to go to Vegas, or just likes to play Go Fish with the kiddos, this would be a perfect, and easy to make gift.

DIY Hand-Painted Coasters

These coasters are super easy to make and the customization options are limitless. Let your kids go crazy painting them, put a D on them for "Dad" or even write "Best Dad Ever."

DIY Spice Rub

Why not get the kids in the kitchen and mix up a delicious spice rub that dad can use to grill his favorite meat? Mix it up and put it in a pretty jar – done!

DIY Smoked Paprika Almonds

Another great edible gift idea is to fill a mason jar with these delicious sweet and spicy almonds.

DIY Outdoor Movie Night

This would be a HUGE surprise for dad but would involve a bigger investment. First, just hang a white sheet in your backyard. You can get fancy and sew a seam and hang it from a suspended dowel, or go a simpler route and just pin the sheet to a clothesline strung between two trees. Surprise dad with a projector (much more affordable than they used to be) and voila – backyard movie theater!

Tip: Use tent stakes to tack the bottom of the sheet to the ground to make sure it stays taut if it gets windy.

Which of these projects do you think you'll make? Tell us in the comments.

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