3 to-die-for guacamole recipes you have to make before summer is over

The Only Guacamole Recipe You'll Ever Need

by Lisa Lozano

Not much can match the experience of sitting outside on a warm summer evening with a bowl of tortilla chips and guacamole (and maybe some Mexican beer as well). Treat yourself this summer with three amazing (and very different) guac recipes!

Guacamole Traditional

This recipe will not let you down. As the title suggests, it's a traditional take on the beloved dip, but why mess with perfection?

Grilled Guacamole

For this different take on guacamole, the tomatoes, onion, pepper and avocado are grilled to bring out a deeper flavor. Rachael also toasts her chips, which results in a nutty taste. Yum!

October Gonzalez's Guacamole

This guac by NFL star Tony Gonzalez's wife October, puts a twist on tradition by added pepperoncinis and tabasco sauce.

Do you have a special trick when it comes to preparing guacamole? Tell us in the comments!

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