You'll never believe how cheap and easy these DIY furniture projects are

by Lisa Lozano

Sick of paying high prices for furniture? Well, you can stop right now because we have three cheap, easy and fast DIY projects you can do right away!

DIY Ottoman

Lara Spencer shows you how to make a beautiful and multi-functional ottoman out of an old chair. You won't believe how simple it is to make given the elegant and one-of-a-kind end result!

DIY Rustic Side Table

Learn how to make a rustic side with items you might already have in your home (or yard)! Just take some solid wood branches that are in good shape, screw them together, and make a base for a table top. Watch the video above for specific instructions (table demonstration starts at 3:19)!

DIY Towel Rack

Carter Oosterhouse has a brilliant solution for old wooden kitchen chairs that you aren't currently using. Watch to see how he cuts the chair, then repurposes the ladder back as a towel rack. (Towel rack demonstration starts at 3:48). Neat!

Have you ever made your own furniture? Tell us about it in the comments.

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