The one interview David Letterman wishes he could do-over

David Letterman Wishes He Could Redo This One Interview

David Letterman gave his first interview since departing from "The Late Show," and opened up about the one interview he wishes he could do over again.
The former ate show host gave an exclusive interview to Indianapolis Monthly reporter and former college buddy, Ron Pearson, and discussed his retirement.

When asked if any interview ever made him nervous, one interview in particular came to mind.

"Warren Zevon was on years ago, and we all knew he was dying," Letterman admitted. "I was at a loss because I couldn't think of an entry point for a conversation with a dying man on a television show that's supposed to be silly. "How are you doing? You look great!" doesn't exactly work. I was really dissatisfied with my part of that conversation. I was ill-equipped to connect with a friend who was going through something like that."

Zevon was a frequent guest on Letterman and filled in nearly twenty times for bandleader Paul Shaffer. He died in September 2003, nearly a year after appearing on "The Late Show."

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