Taxi driver rescues stranded ducklings, drives them to safety

Taxi Driver Picks Saves Some Ducks

A cab driver in Canada picked up some unlikely passengers Thursday.
Driver Urga Adunga says he spotted a family of ducks stranded in traffic and immediately decided to give them a ride courtesy of Checker Yellow Cabs.

Adunga said in a statement that other drivers on the road stopped to help him get the animals in the cab.

He told CBC despite the scary situation, the mother and her nine ducklings were very calm once off the road and sat in the backseat like any other passenger would. He took them to a river where they eventually waddled out of the cab and back to nature.

When asked if he would do it again, Adunga said yes.

"As a human it is our responsibility to protect those animals, and nature and the environment," he told CBC. "I could do it again if I see. Not only the animals, humans too. We have to rescue each other, we have to help each other."

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