NBA Finals salt art exists, and it's quite bizarre

Cavs Top Warriors 96-91, Lead NBA Finals 2-1


One Texas-based artist is hyped for these NBA Finals -- and showing it in a rather original way.

Rob The Original, who has amassed over 155,000 followers on Instagram, has been designing unique depictions of NBA players. How unique, you ask? Well, have you ever seen portraits constructed solely of table salt?

Rob has meticulously recreated several snapshots of NBA Finals participants using a brush, the edge of a card and the Morton's you generally find tucked away in your top kitchen cabinet.

For the doubters, he's posted videos of the process, which is precisely as impressive as one would imagine.

His viral works even earned him a trip to ESPN's SportsCenter studios on Sunday morning, where he created an original LeBron James portrait for the show's audience.

In addition to creating basketball players out of good old NaCl, Rob also is responsible for pizza art and ridiculously detailed hair carvings. In case you couldn't tell, his is basically a must-follow account.

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