First Lyme Disease, Now This

First Lyme Disease, Now This
It's summer time...
and that means...ticks.
We all know they can carry lyme disease --
but now there's a new illness to be worried about.

It's called borrelia miyamotoi (bore real ee uh me uh mo tow eye) disease or b-m-d.
It's found in the northeastern united states.

It causes flu-like symptoms similar to lyme disease...including fever, chills and headache.
But, it can also lead to meningoencephalitis (prono: me nin go en seph uh lie tis) --
a serious, sometimes fatal, brain infection.
There have been 97 documented cases so far, 24 requiring hospitalization.

So, when you're outdoors this summer, be sure to check yourself -- and your pet --for ticks.

And remember, they can sometimes be tiny -- the size of poppy seeds.
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