What a broken heart actually does to your brain

What A Broken Heart Does To Your Brain
What A Broken Heart Does To Your Brain

Often times, a breakup can literally feel like our heart is shattering into a million tiny pieces. For anyone who's been there, you know it's never fun and extremely hard to overcome. The concept of "crazy in love" often reigns true.

Because heartache is felt so strongly and painfully throughout our entire body, we can't help but wonder what exactly it does to our minds. Researchers say the answer lies in the fact that the way we react to love is similar to the way we react to having an addiction.

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The reality is that the feelings we experience while overcoming a breakup is extremely similar to those we experience when trying to overcome an addiction. This includes anger, pain, resistance, the whole shebang.

In another interesting point, studies show that because our brains are hard-wired for monogamy, we can easily jump from one monogamous relationship to another. That's right -- whether we like to believe it or not, we're "serial monogamists."

So in short, if you're wondering why a breakup with someone you truly love often feels like getting kicked smack-dab in gut, it's actually your brain attempting to assess what just happened and how it's going to deal with it.

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