6 ingenious tips that will change how you stock your pantry

Pantry Essentials: How to Store More in Your Pantry

by Lisa Lozano

Have you ever wondered what you should be keeping in your pantry so that you're always prepared when dinnertime rolls around? Rach is breaking it down for you step-by-step.

Tip 1: A Pantry is as Individual as the Cook

Everyone's pantry is going to be different based on the food preferences of their particular family. For example, Rachael eats a largely Mediterranean diet, so you'll find lots of beans, pasta, capers, salted fish, grains and rice in her pantry.

Tip 2: Make a List

Analyze your diet and cooking habits and determine what items you typically use every week and be sure to purchase those items on a regular basis.

Tip 3: Make Sure to Rotate Newest Items to the Top

When you bring your staples home, arrange them in your cupboard or fridge by when they were purchased. Move the older items to the front so that they will get used up before they expire.

Tip 4: Keep Surprising Items in the Freezer

Rach shares a surprising tip: keep certain items in the freezer that you might normally keep in the cupboard, like nuts, flour, breadcrumbs, ginger, and even leftover canned goods like chipotle peppers.

Tip 5: Wash Your Produce as Soon as You Bring it Home

Before you put your produce away, be sure to wash it. If it's already clean you're going to be more likely to get excited to use it.

Tip 6: Keep 'Building Blocks' on Hand

Make sure to keep the basic building blocks of several meals on hand, so that you're always ready to get cooking.

Tell us in the comments – what are the basics that you always have on hand in your kitchen?

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