Twitter is freaking out about #RachelDolezal

Rachel Dolezal Responds to Claims

Recent news revealed that Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, has been allegedly disguising herself and lying about her race for years. Naturally, Twitter has been blowing up with reactions to this crazy news.

Dolezal also works as an adjunct professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, and her staff biography states that she received her master's degree from Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, D.C.

She also made a point to share that she has been the victim of at least eight "documented hate crimes," yet no suspect has been officially identified.

Check out the Twitter reactions in the gallery below:

#RachelDolezal Reactions
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Twitter is freaking out about #RachelDolezal
My interview with Rachel Dolezal would go like this: "Are you Black?" "I identify as Black." "You're not. Here's Al with the forecast!"
As deceptive as #RachelDolezal appears to be, there is something abt her parents and their tactics giving me enormous pause...
RT @karyewest: Rachel Dolezal: "I identify as black." Raven Symone: "I'm not African American." Everyone:
She felt "black" since childhood. But #RachelDolezal rediscovered her whiteness in time to sue for discrimination as a pregnant WHITE woman!
Just a friendly reminder that a black person passing as white was once a criminal offense. Enjoy ur day. #RachelDolezal
What I don't understand is why #RachelDolezal felt the need to deceive people. So you want to help black people. Great! But why the lies?
I need a time machine so I can watch #RachelDolezal 's @NAACP interview. I got some questions!
I wonder if #RachelDolezal would have pretended to be black +100 years ago when she couldn't profit from it.
#RachelDolezal This story is quite complicated, it's not black and white.
The sad part is that #RachelDolezal has done more for the black community than some of the black ppl hating on her have or ever will. 🐸☕️
#RachelDolezal also claimed to have been born in a tepee, raped, abused & victimized. She perpetrated fraud on an epic scale.
#RachelDolezal pretended to be black to get a gig with NAACP? That's like wearing tight shoes so it feels good when u take em off! #TeamDl
#RachelDolezal lies and steals by pretending to be a black woman and thousands rush to her defence and make up excuses for her behaviour.
I need folks to remember that pretending to be Black is the least of #RachelDolezal's hoax. Her faked hate crimes hurt the community
QTNA RT @HollyGoNightly1: I think the biggest question is why did #RachelDolezal lie when she didn't need to?
"I knew people would have problems with #RachelDolezal. I just didn’t anticipate they would be focused on her looks." -- Bizarro @CapehartJ
It's funny that everyone is pointing out the negatives about the #RachelDolezal story but not the positives she done for African Americans
This #RachelDolezal story is the craziest thing I've read in weeks.
Why can't #RachelDolezal be black? I thought someone said once not to judge by color of skin, but by content of character?
#RachelDolezal could have been a GREAT ally but she let attention seeking and/ or mental illness or SOMETHING shatter that possibility.
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