Is spider silk the next bulletproof material?

Is Spider Silk the Next Bulletproof Material?

Recent scientific studies have shown that spider silk has the potential to become the next popular bulletproof material. The silk is a complex form of protein fiber that starts off as a protein-rich liquid and then dries into solid filaments, thanks to spinnerets, an external portion of spider glands.

The material is strong, flexible, and lightweight, and it is known to contract when exposed to water and stretch to many times its original length. The spider silk has a greater tensile strength than steel, and the material is even strong enough to stop a bullet.

In terms of everyday usage, spider silk could be a huge game changer when it comes to reducing the consequences of physical impact. More specifically, it could be used in body armor, airbags, or even football helmets.

The material could also be useful in the field of medical engineering, especially because it doesn't trigger an immune response in the human body.

Until recently, it was hard to make a lot of the material, but the research for commercial production of the material has been ongoing for decades, and scientists are only getting closer to a solution.

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