If you can't sleep, clean your room

If You Can't Sleep, Clean Your Room
If You Can't Sleep, Clean Your Room

It's 4 a.m., you're still awake and there won't be enough coffee in the world to get you to function.

We've all been here, but now you might be able to break the cycle.

If you find yourself constantly unable to find peaceful sleep you might want to take a look around your bedroom. According to a new study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, people who show hoarding tendencies struggle to get a good nights rest.

"Hoarders typically have problems with decision making and executive function; poor sleep is known to compromise cognition generally, so if hoarders have cluttered/unusable bedrooms (and less comfortable, functional beds), any existing risk for cognitive dysfunction, depression and stress may increase as sleep quality worsens," said the study's author, Pamela Thacher.

In a separate survey, The National Sleep Foundation, found that 62% of participants said a clean room was imperative to catching some ZZZ's.

So, mom was right. You really do need to go clean your room.