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How to Appreciate Rosé Wines

Rosé is a fun and light wine that comes in a pale pink color. It's basically the only pink drink that just about anyone can indulge in without being deemed socially unacceptable.

Around 600 BC, ancient Greeks brought wines to southern France. Provence soon became the birthplace of the French vineyard and become famous for its rosé.

Back in the day (like, ancient times), all wines contained the same pale color as today's rosé. By 125 BC, rosé had quite the reputation for being light, delicious, and high quality. Soon after, the Roman's introduced red wine to the world. However, Provence stuck with its trusted rosé.

To make rosé, red grapes are crushed and left to soak. Their juice is then strained and fermented. Unlike red wine, rosé doesn't improve over the years, making it the perfect wine to buy at the store on your way to an outdoor picnic!

Rosé is considered the wine of summer not only because it's light and refreshing but also because it's perfect for barbecue season. It falls right in between red and white wine, giving it a flavor that works with the majority of foods, even chips and burgers!

The second Saturday of June is deemed National Rosé Wine Day. Give it a try this Saturday to celebrate the occasion. Drink it on the porch swing, on the beach, or at an elegant summer wedding. You can't go wrong with rosé!

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