This Vine account makes us believe in magic

Meagan Cignoli has mastered the six-second Vine game like no other. The branded video director deems herself "all about art, beauty, and fashion." Apparently she's all about magic too! Seriously, producing the Vines on her account MUST require a bit of magic. They're unreal!

We have no clue how she manages to create these stunning, inspiring, informative, and entertaining Vines so that they exist within such a limited time frame. Cignoli is a rare gem in the Vine world as she manages to brighten up even the worst of days with her fun material. Here are some of our favorites.

Cheapest and shortest therapy session ever.

Most people just post a baby pic for Transformation Tuesday...#gamechanger

I just sent my mom a Hallmark card....awkward.

We're too busy binge-watching your Vines to try any of your weekend suggestions!

Check out the rest of Cignoli's crazy cool Vines here.

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