Rabbit defies death, bolts across avalanche

Rabbit Defies Death, Bolts Across Avalanche

It's safe to say this is one of those immediately regrettable decisions. Check out this white rabbit jumping into the middle of an avalanche!

The video was taken by the Russian Heli Project, or Helipro. It's "a tourist company established by people devoted to winter and summer active sports," according to the project's Vimeo page.

Helipro told us on Facebook the video was taken in Russia.

The crew was filming a snowboarding movie with some big names, like JP Solberg and David Carrier Porcheron. (Video via The North Face)

Porcheron caused an avalanche, and the rabbit came into the shot. Basically, a bunny photo bomb.

Although, The Guardian questioned the video's authenticity.

The Telegraph seemed to be on board the "kamikaze creature" train, as it called the rabbit.

Barreling across that avalanche like a pro, the little guy kinda reminds you of Forrest Gump, right?

"And you wouldn't believe it, but I can run like the wind blows."

And don't worry! We are told it is "100% alive." You can watch the entire video on Helipro's Vimeo page or check out their website at www.helipro.ru.

This video includes footage from Helipro and music from Kevin Macleod / CC BY 3.0.

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