The latest thing that will supposedly make you live longer: Just eating some nuts

Study Shows Eating Nuts Might Help People Live Longer
Study Shows Eating Nuts Might Help People Live Longer

Scientists are always finding exciting new ways that food can improve the human body, but here's one that will be hard to beat (short of discovering pizza can create laser vision): Nuts may help you not die.

Previous research has found that eating nuts makes the heart healthier, but this is apparently the first time anyone's bothered to check their effect on specific diseases. Maastricht University researchers studied a cohort of 120,000 over ten years, and discovered people who ate about a third of an ounce of nuts every day (peanuts were also thrown into this category) were 23 percent more likely not to die from heart attacks, diabetes, respiratory failure, and even cancer.

The researchers also looked at eating peanut butter, because that would make sense, right? Unfortunately it didn't do a thing, so there will be no cheating death with a PB&J.;

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