5 daily struggles every awkward person fears more than anything

Moments That Are Hell for Awkward People
Moments That Are Hell for Awkward People

We all have different strengths weaknesses. Some perform cardiothoracic surgeries on the daily while others can't even spell cardiothoracic surgery. Some win Olympic medals for figure skating while others slip on the icy sidewalk. Some present themselves in an effortlessly charming manner while others lack any shred of social skills. People in the latter group are known to be socially awkward. They desperately fear these daily occurrences that most people don't even think about:

1. Making small talk.
Nothing gets an awkward person's pulse running like forced one-on-one conversation with an acquaintance. While a socially poised person would effortlessly bring up reasonable topics such as weekend plans and upcoming events, akward people find themselves sharing intimate details about this morning's dentist appointment or having to clean the toilet that evening. When small talking with an awkward person, prepare to endure lots of uncomfortable giggles and loud sighs during silent moments.

2. Greeting people.
An awkward person's ultimate Sophie's choice: to hug or not to hug. As awkward people can't quite decipher whether a hug or handshake is more appropriate, they tend to stand uncomfortably close to the acquaintance while making an outward arm gesture in an attempt to follow the acquaintance's cues. Think a less cute version of the hokey pokey.

3. Making eye contact.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is the case, awkward people have no intention of gazing into anybody's souls. They avoid it at all costs, even if that means accidentally resting their eyes in less appropriate places while making conversation.

4. Walking.
Some kids learn to run before they walk. These kids do not grow up to be socially or physically awkward. The only thing worse than flat-tiring the person walking in front of you is flat-tiring yourself. The situation becomes especially awkward if there are witnesses, as the stumbler is now confronted with the dilemma of exhibiting an acceptable reaction. It's not that easy to just shake it off, okay Tswift?!

5. Ending a conversation.
You've just spent the past 10 minutes talking to your co-worker about your upcoming vacation. The conversation is dying so she politely says "Well, have a great trip!" The socially poised would respond with a simple "Thanks!" The socially awkward, however, would blurt out a nonsensical "You too!" and then cringe at her own awkwardness for the remainder of the afternoon.

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