'Tiny Hats on Cats' is our new favorite Instagram account

As if cats aren't cute enough already, this Instagram account takes kitty cuteness to an entirely new level.


A photo posted by Adam Ellis (@tinyhatsoncats) on

Adam Ellis, the man behind "Tiny Hats On Cats," uses his three-legged cat Maxwell as the model for all of his pictures.

Spring is here and Maxwell is excited to tend to his heirloom tomatoes!

A photo posted by Adam Ellis (@tinyhatsoncats) on

And we must say, Maxwell is one of the most photogenic and poised cats we've ever seen.

"Jesse, we gotta cook!"

A photo posted by Adam Ellis (@tinyhatsoncats) on

From top hats to trucker hats, each photo features a hat that uniquely has a personality of its own.

No dogs allowed.

A photo posted by Adam Ellis (@tinyhatsoncats) on

We can't help but love this account and we're so excited to see all of the new hats that Adam Ellis has in store! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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