This is what the cast of the original 'Jurassic Park' movies look like over 20 years later

4 Things You Didn't Know About 'Jurassic Park'

The park is about to open. The dinosaur theme park that we were introduced to all the way back in 1993 will finally open its doors to the public this week, and when it does, you'll see a few familiar faces. For one, the T. rex at Jurassic World is the same T. rex that wreaked havoc on Jurassic Park two decades ago. Also, BD Wong reprises his role as scientist Henry Wu. Look, here he is:

But what about the rest of the cast from the original Jurassic Park trilogy?

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A special RIP to Sir Richard Attenborough, aka John Hammond, the man who started it all, who passed away last year. Also, to Bob Peck, aka Robert "Clever Girl" Muldoon, who died in 1999.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant

Recent Credits: The BBC series Peaky Blinders from 2013 to 2014. This year, he appeared in the CBS miniseries The Dovekeepers, about four women living in Masada in 70 A.D.

Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler

Recent Credits:The Fault in Our Stars, a scene-stealing cameo on The Mindy Project (we hope she returns when the show moves to Hulu), and an Oscar-nominated role in Wild.

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm

Recent Credits:Grand Budapest Hotel, Portlandia, and an episode of Inside Amy Schumer this year. Next, he'll reprise his role in the Independence Day sequel. (But he couldn't do Jurassic World?! SMH.)

Joseph Mazzello as Tim Murphy

Recent Credits:The Social Network, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and two episodes of Person of Interest. He'll soon release his directorial debut, Undrafted.

Ariana Richards as Lex Murphy

Recent Credits: Richards' last acting credit was a TV movie called Battledogs in 2013. She now works as an artist and painter.

Samuel L. Jackson as Ray Arnold

Recent Credits: Kingsman: The Secret Service, basically every Marvel movie ever, and next he'll reteam with Quentin Tarantino for The Hateful Eight and star in Spike Lee's Chiraq.

Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry

Recent Credits:The Exes on TV Land. He also played Santa in Elf: The Musical.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

Julianne Moore as Sarah Harding

Recent Credits:The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and Part 2, Maps to the Stars, an Academy Award-winning performance in Still Alice.

Vince Vaughn as Nick Van Owen

Recent Credits:Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Unfinished Business, soon to be seen on the highly anticipated second season of True Detective.

Peter Stormare as Dieter Stark

Recent Credits:22 Jump Street, a handful of episodes of The Blacklist, and a brief arc on Arrow as Count Vertigo.

Vanessa Lee Chester as Kelly Curtis

Recent Credits: An episode of How I Met Your Mother in 2012, an episode of Scorpion this year. (Not so recent credits, but fun facts: Way back when, she was also in A Little Princess and Harriet the Spy.)

Camilla Belle as Cathy Bowman (the girl who gets attacked by dinosaurs at the beginning of the movie)

Recent Credits: She was on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore in April.

Jurassic Park III (2001)

William H. Macy as Paul Kirby

Recent Credits:Cake with Jennifer Aniston and a Screen Actors Guild Award-winning run on Shameless. He's now directing and starring in a "road trip sex comedy" starring Lea Michele and Kate Upton.

Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby

Recent Credits: Her big return to network TV: Madam Secretary on CBS.

Alessandro Nivola as Billy Brennan

Recent Credits:A Most Violent Year, Selma, and he recently performed in the Tony-nominated Broadway show The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper.

Trevor Morgan as Eric Kirby

Recent Credits: In 2004, he was in a movie titled Buttwhistle.

And a bonus reversies "then and now": Chris Pratt as Owen Grady

When Jurassic Park came out 22 years ago, Pratt was only 13 years old. Here's one of his yearbook photos from about that time, long before he ever knew he would be training raptors and fighting genetically modified dinosaurs. (Though he did kind of predict it in 2009. Spooky.)

Now, check out what a hilarious day in the life of Chris Pratt was like on the set of Jurassic World:

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