Survey says people who wear skinny jeans are happier

Survey Says Skinny Jeans Make You Happier
Survey Says Skinny Jeans Make You Happier

Even though flared jeans are hot this summer, you may not want to ditch your skinny jeans just yet. According to a new survey by Qualtrics, a market research company, skinny jean wearers are actually happier than their boyfriend, bootcut or even flare wearing counterparts.

In fact, they are nine percent more likely to report higher levels of happiness and twelve percent more likely to describe themselves as extremely confident. The study also found that those who squeeze their way into their skinny denim are more likely to sit in the aisle seat of a plane and twice as likely to live in a bigger city like New York or Los Angeles.

Speaking of tight fitting denim, seems like Lauren Conrad might be on to something. She has decided to officially reserve the word skinny for her jeans. Starting this month, she will be banning any body shaming terms from her website, and replacing them with words like 'healthy', 'fit', and 'toned', according to a new blog post.

She's also decided to ban "thin" and "slim" to keep in line with her theme of getting into shape and promoting a healthy body image. But, maybe all you need for a healthy body image and a little bit of happiness is a killer pair of skinny jeans?

Check out these celebs rocking skinny jeans:

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