Researchers believe they've found blood cells in neglected dinosaur fossils

Researchers Believe They've Found Blood Cells In Neglected Dinosaur Fossils

Many of us imagine that dinosaur fossils are consistently stored in a manner that's both safe and highly regulated, but apparently that isn't always the case.

A group of them that was pretty much tossed on a shelf and forgotten for decades is making headlines.

That's because, remarkably, the bones yielded evidence of possible blood cell and collagen traces.

Blood cells are particularly important as studying them could settle the argument of whether dinosaurs were warm or cold-blooded.

Also significant is that the materials were found on specimens that weren't properly kept. Said one of the researchers from Imperial College London, "It may well be that this type of tissue is preserved far more commonly than we thought."

The findings have raised a number of speculations about how much of the valuable research material there could be out there.

Of particular interest are specimens that have been expertly maintained by the world's museums.

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